Large Character Box Printing (Ink Jet Printing)

This box printer, designed and built for a medical products supplier, receives a packed carton of IV bags, turns the box to orient it for printing on the end-flap, and prints FDA-approved copy--to include the packing date--on each box.  The cell then uses a single-camera Keyence vision system to verify the accuracy and density of the printing.

Performance Automation designed and built this automated sprinkler head printer for an international fire suppression system manufacturer.  The system integrates an ITW TransTech pad printer with an eight-fixture rotary presentation table.  The application presents both sides of the sprinkler head to the printer, and then cycles the printed parts through a hot air dryer.  The system includes banner finger switches and a fume extractor to ensure the safety of the operator.

Sprinkler Head Printer (Pad Printing)

Automated IV Bag Tandem Printing (Thermal Transfer Printing)

Performance Automation developed this custom application for an international supplier of medical products.  The machine uses a Fanuc LR Mate 200 iD robot to deshingle IV bags, place them on platens for presentation to tandem Videojet thermal transfer printers.  The printers interface with the company's central IT system and print the date, lot number, and SKU in both machine- and human- readable format on each bag.  Following the printing cycle, each bag is inspected using a Keyence vision system.  The bags are inspected for print position, pixel count, and correlation of human-readable characters to bar codes.  More information on the automated inspection process can be found on the VISION & MEASUREMENT page.  Additional information about the automated pick-and-place using a Fanuc robot can be found on the ROBOTICS page.

Heat Staking

Performance Automation uses Extol's InfraStake technology as an alternative to more expensive--and many times, incompatible--materials joining techniques.  Our controls and integration technology allow us to put multiple heat staking modules on a single application, thereby enabling multiple joining locations in a single time cycle.  This significantly increases throughput capacity, and therefore reduces the capital investment required for many applications.

Ultrasonic Welding

Performance Automation retrofitted this existing workcell with ultrasonic sealing technology.  This retrofit, performed for an automotive parts manufacturer, enabled the use of existing fixtures while upgrading both capability and capacity.  Where possible, we're proud of our ability to reuse fixtures and equipment that have not reached end-of-life, but might require minor upgrades or technological refresh.  In many cases, transformations like this can be performed in our customers' facilities, and often during previously scheduled work stoppages.

Laser Auto Part Marking Cell

Advanced Controls

Performance Automation custom designed and built this laser auto part marking cell for an international auto parts supplier.  The cell marks plastic parts with information provided by the manufacturer to ensure traceability.  The cell is designed to ensure the safety of the part and of the operator...our engineers build safety into each of our projects from the very beginning.  Safety features are not "add-ons" for us.

Performance Automation is an industry leader in custom designed and built advanced logic controls.  Our engineers specialize in developing complex controls solutions and integrating them into systems carefully designed to exactly meet our customers' needs.  Along with complexity, our engineers are experts in designing for high-precision work and for work with and on delicate and hard-to-handle materials.  We are also accomplished at developing SCADA applications for integration between applications and for populating higher-level data and information systems.  If you can think it, we can build it.

This custom automation application, developed by Performance Automation for an international producer of automatic fire suppression systems, uses a Fanuc robot to present sprinkler heads to a hydro-tester.  Based on the results, the heads are either rejected or presented for automated inspection using Keyence vision systems, followed by final assembly.  This automated test cell frees up two employees per shift to perform other work, and ensures the accuracy and repeatability of the testing and inspection processes.

Automated Sprinkler Head Test Cell

We are the Upstate leaders in customized factory automation applications and advanced, integrated controls.  Performance Automation is a Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator. Our designers and fabricators specialize in highly reliable automation solutions ranging from conveyer systems to material handling and packaging to medical product production applications.  We are also experts in automated test cell design and fabrication as well as automated printing and product marking, including pad printing and laser marking.