Large-scale Beverage Plant Automated Product Handilng System 

Performance Automation built this FDA certified material handling system to move medical products from the filling station--located within a clean room, to the washing, sterilizing, drying, and inspection stations.  We have the capability of designing and installing systems ranging from Class 10 to Class 100,000.  

This box printer, designed and built for a medical products supplier, receives a packed carton of IV bags, turns the box to orient it for printing on the end-flap, and prints FDA-approved copy--to include the packing date--on each box.  The cell then uses a single-camera Keyence vision system to verify the accuracy and density of the printing.

Automated Assembly System

We have extensive experience with automated material handling applications. We can design and build everything from small, free moving conveyers to entire production, assembly, and filling/bottling systems. Below you'll see some our recent projects; click the "Contact Us" button when you're ready to discuss your company's needs.


Performance Automation custom designed this application for an automotive component manufacturer using an ABB IRB 140 robot and a spindle-mounted DePrag electric-pneumatic torq driver fed by a bowl feeder.  The vision-guided robot automatically attaches components of the automatic grill shutter to the frame at nearly three cycles per minute.  

This custom application employs a powered and free conveyer system to precisely locate and move parts through an assembly process.  The system links eight individual assembly stations to produce 30 parts per minute.  Labor savings alone paid for this system in less than one year.

Stainless Steel Material Handling System

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Automated Box Handling & Printing System

Performance Automation designed, fabricated, tested, and installed this extensive product handling system at a custom designed facility in Jamaica.  The plant is sized to produce 1,000 pouches of dry drink mix--ranging from 80 grams to 500 grams each--per minute.  The complete system performed multiple production and packaging tasks, including bulk ingredient bag unloading, dense phase product handling, precision mixing through ribbon blenders and automated product distribution to six twin-lane vertical form/fill/seal machines.  The system also utilized x-ray inspection to weigh and inspect each pouch, and then transported non-defective pouches to automated case packing stations.